The denturist is a registered oral health care professional who performs a variety of intra-oral procedures and related activities pertaining to the design, construction, repair or alteration of removable dentures for the fully or partially edentulous patient in a variety of practice environments. In all activities and all environments, the denturist works independently with the patient, and collaboratively with other health care providers where necessary or appropriate. As a member of a self-regulated profession, a denturist must practise safely, ethically and effectively for the promotion of oral-health and well-being of the public in Ontario.

The denturist must be educated to be able to fulfill responsibilities in the areas of:

  1. Complete denture fabrication
  2. Partial denture design and fabrication
  3. Immediate denture fabrication
  4. Implant supported denture fabrication
  5. Relines, rebases and repairs of patient or practitioner removable dentures

The process of care of denturism involves the following procedures and activities that are undertaken in seven phases:

  1. Patient history / Assessment of oral conditions
  2. Treatment planning and design
  3. Impressions
  4. Assessment of centric and protrusive occlusion
  5. Try-in
  6. Insertion
  7. Professional records and responsibilities
In accordance with the Denturism Act, 1991, which relates to the regulation of the profession of denturism in Ontario, the practice of denturism is the assessment of arches missing some or all teeth and the design, construction, repair, alteration, ordering and fitting of removable dentures.