Every member of the College of Denturists of Ontario must renew their registration online by responding and completing the Health Professions Database (HPD) questionnaire and Registration Renewal form, as well as paying the annual registration fees. Responses to the HPD questionaire, Registration Renewal form and payment of the fees must be received electronically at the College website by the end of day on April 14th of each year. Completed renewals received after April 14th will be deemed late. Late payment fees will be applied and charged to the registrant.  If you have any questions, contact the College at (416) 925-6331 or 1 (888) 236-4326 prior to April 14th.

          Certificate of Registration Renewal – Information & FAQs

          Health Profession Corporation Certificate of Authorization – Information & FAQs

Health Professions Database (HPD) Requirements

Online completion of data from registrants: Each member of the College of Denturists of Ontario must complete the Health Professions data questionnaire online. As members proceed through the questionnaire, the data provided is saved to the database. Immediately following the HPD questionnaire are the online registration renewal declaration questions and finally the payment application.

  1. Collection of data for the Allied Health Database. The allied health regulatory Colleges, including the College of Denturists of Ontario, are expanding their collection of personal information about their registrants, including basic demographic, geographic, education and employment information, and providing this information to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in anonymized form for health human resources planning.

  2. Under the authority for the collection of data for the Allied Health Database, under section 36.1 of the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), 1991, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (Ministry) can request that regulatory Colleges collect information, including personal information, from their registrants, and that this information be provided to the Ministry. The RHPA provisions authorize the Ministry to collect this information from the Colleges, and use and disclose it only for the purpose of health human resources planning. Health human resources planning is used to ensure the right amount and appropriate distribution of health providers.

Online Renewal

Online renewal immediately follows the HPD questionnaire. Payments can be made online via credit card and will be processed in real time. Cheque payments may be made using online renewal. On completion of the online form, select the option to pay by cheque and mail the cheque to the College by the end of day on April 14th. For further directions click on the “Member Login” link in the upper right portion of this webpage.

Online renewal is open only to members who are maintaining their current registration status. Members renewing online will complete their HPD quesionnaire and renewal form, as well as submit their payment online by credit card or cheque. Members, who are renewing online and elect to pay by cheque, must mail the cheque to the College office by the end of day on April 14th.

Paper Renewal 

Paper renewal is not available. If you need assistance with your online registration, please contact the College at (416) 925-6331 or 1 (888) 236-4326 prior to April 14th.