The College of Denturists of Ontario is the regulatory body which governs the profession of denturism in the province, confirms that Denturism is a recognized, self-governing and independent health profession, regulated by the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 and the Denturism Act, 1991. Denturists are one of 21 health care professions recognized as self-regulating in the province of Ontario.

The College of Denturists of Ontario, formerly known as the Governing Board of Denture Therapists, is the regulatory body that oversees the profession of Denturism in the Province of Ontario.

Denture Therapy was originally recognized as a health profession in Ontario in 1974. At that time the Governing Board was established in order to carry out many of the tasks that the Draft Health Practitioners Bill, 1998 sets out as the duties of the Councils created therein.

In 1991, the government of Ontario passed the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA) which sought to unify the governance of the self-regulated health professionals, to better define the scope of practice and to ensure public representation on the boards charged with protecting the public interest.

When the government of Ontario introduced this legislation, over 100 health professions sought to be included in the regulations. For this reason, the controlled act model was introduced. The risk of harm by the professional activity and the benefit to the patient by performance of the same were assessed in order to identify which of the professions should be covered by the legislation. When the RHPA was passed, 21 health professions, including Dentistry, Denturism, Dental Hygiene and Dental Technology, were cited for inclusion.

Dentistry, Denturism and Dental Hygiene share some controlled acts yet the government recognized that each profession should be treated independently and that each College should govern their members autonomously according to the defined scope of practice of the profession.

Amongst other things, the spirit of the RHPA promotes a patient's right to choose the appropriate health care provider and ensures that this choice can be made from qualified and accountable professionals. The Act is designed to ensure professional development and continued competence in order to improve access to health care for all Ontarians.

Since 1974, the profession of Denturism has experienced a tremendous evolution. The knowledge, skill and judgment of the Denturist have permitted patients the opportunity to receive quality denture services, thereby ensuring higher levels of patient care.