Applying for a Certificate of Authorization for a Health Profession Corporation

Under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (the “RHPA”) (including regulations), the Health Professions Procedural Code and the Business Corporations Act (the “BCA”), denturists are permitted to incorporate for the purpose of practising denturism, providing they obtain Certificates of Authorization from the College of Denturists of Ontario (the “College”). 

If you wish to apply for a certificate of authorization please review and provide documentation as stated in the CDO Guide to Applying for a Certificate of Authorization and Application Form.  

Guide to Applying for a Certificate of Authorization for a Professional Corporation & Application Form

Change of Shareholders

If you have changes to the status of your shareholders in your Profesional Corporation the following form is required to be filled out.

Notice of Change of Shareholders Form - Professional Corporation 


         Please visit Applications for registration forms and further



As a practising denturist, you need to have your clinic name approved by the College of Denturists of Ontario's (CDO) Executive Committee prior to you registering your clinic name with the government. The only exception to this case would be you using your own name as recorded in the CDO's Register (e.g. "John Doe Denture Clinic"). When proposing a clinic name to the Executive Committee, please make sure that you have completed a name search. You should make a provincial business name search, and search your local Yellow Pages Directory to confirm the name is not already in use by a practitioner in your area.

If you wish to send in a clinic name for approval please read the Clinic Name Policy, Guide to Clinic Naming and fill out the application form.

Clinic Name Policy

Guide to Clinic Naming 

Clinic Name Registration Application Form